TOPJOB S Din Rail Terminal Blocks

with Push-in CAGE CLAMP Connection

The time saving features and industry leading performance of the TOPJOB S rail mount terminal range is backed up by the reliability of Push-in CAGE CLAMP connection from WAGO, the innovators in spring pressure connection technology. Single deck terminals are available in 2, 3 and 4 conductor versions with a large conductor size range of 0.14mm2 to 25mm2, with double and triple deck versions and function terminals also available. The Push-in CAGE CLAMP connection allows solid, stranded and ferruled conductors to be directly inserted.

TOPJOB S Benefits - For All Conductor Types 


Push-in CAGE CLAMP allows direct insertion for solid, stranded and ferruled conductors, tool free. For fine-stranded conductors and removal of all conductors an operating tool is required.

  • You can terminate conductors ranging from two sizes below the rated cross section up to the rated cross section by simply pushing them in.
  • Operating tool held in place when inserting fine-stranded (flexible) conductors.

TOPJOB S Benefits - Range of Multifunctional Jumpers 


WAGO’s line of jumpers is the foundation for the TOPJOB® S Rail-Mounted Terminal Block System’s flexibility.

  • Solve complex commoning tasks with simplicity
  • Flexible and easy to use

TOPJOB S Benefits - The Fastest Marking System 


Continuous marking strips allow TOPJOB S DIN-Rail Mount Terminal Blocks to be marked in the shortest time possible. Multi-line marking simplifies terminal block identification by labelling them according to their functions.

  • Reduce marking time up to 75 %
  • Use one marking strip — instead of six different marker cards
  • Customize your marking in a flexible and cost-effective way.

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